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About Us

Jeff’s Auto Sales, LLC tries to make your car buying experience as simple as possible. We handle your deal from beginning to end. As a customer, you select the car you want based on the down payment that is comfortable for you. Your financing is done on the spot and usually takes less than an hour provided you have all the required information with you.  We will work with your bank as well.  We will provide you a tag and pay your sales tax out of your down payment. We will present your title to you once the vehicle is paid off and your contract is complete. 

You can select how you would like to make your payments. For example, you may choose to pay monthly or weekly. The amount you pay is based on whichever plan you choose. With monthly payments, you may select the date you would like to pay as well. All of our weekly payments are due on Friday’s. We can work with special situations as well. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to drive away in a vehicle that you want.

There are three numbers listed on the windshields. The top is the monthly payment. The second number listed is the price of the vehicle. This price includes the total down payment, which is the number mentioned on the sticker. Whatever the sticker on the window says, that’s all you need to drive away. If it says, for example, $1499, that’s all you need. Finally, you make your payments with us. You have many options of making your payments.


Payment Options

  • You can come see us and pay with cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.
  • You may mail a check or money order.
  • You may use the drop box anytime with check or money order.
  • We can set up an automatic draft for you on the date you choose.
  • Finally, you may call us and make payment over the phone with a credit/debit card.

We try to make buying a car as simple as possible.  All of our cars are checked by AutoCheck.